High school best friends, 24, are set to make $20MILLION this year aft – Alya Skin AUS

High school best friends, 24, are set to make $20MILLION this year after coming up with a 'miracle' face-mask and they're selling one product every 22 seconds

  • Friends Many Barbas and James Hachem, 24, launched Alya skin in early 2018
  • The pair noticed a gap in the market for a clay Mask that didn't dry out your skin
  • They sell a cleanser, moisturiser and exfoliater alongside their pink clay mask 
  • Alya skin is set to earn the best friends $20million in revenue this year alone

By Tom Burton

Published: Jul 28, 2020

Women with darker skin tones can suffer from a plethora of skin concerns. From dark spots and hyperpigmentation to general dehydration and dullness, skin issues do not discriminate when it comes to tone.

Darker skin tones can become casualty to the same issues many women face at some point in their skin journey including generally looking and feeling dehydrated, lacklustre and essentially, grey.

Combatting these issues can be difficult. There’s always the option of an expensive facial or treatment plan with a skin professional such as a dermatologist, but these treatments can become very expensive, very quickly and sometimes you just don’t want to wait for an appointment.

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask


That’s where the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask comes in. 

At just $49.99, the world-famous mask has amassed thousands of loyal followers from across the globe and notched up so many positive reviews since launching in 2018 it would be impossible to count them all. 

Heralded as a ‘miracle mask’ and a ‘lifesaving skin treatment’ by women that have experienced every skin issue under the sun, we did some research and found out why Alya Skin’s Pink Clay Mask is the must-have mask for women with darker skin tones experiencing ashy, oily and dehydrated skin.

The mask’s formula includes Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay works to rid the skin of pigmentation clusters from the surface, as well as stimulate the regeneration of skin cells by removing toxins, pollutants and nasties from the skin. This is a must for anybody with a darker skin tone, especially those that suffer from hyperpigmentation as a result of melanin overproduction.

More specifically, the Pink Kaolin Clay in Alya Skin’s much-loved mask is rich in silica, which helps to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal giving you glowy, younger looking skin. Silica also works as a natural anti-inflammatory that assists with retaining moisture, making this mask a one-stop-shop for a brighter, clearer complexion that results in a fresh and healthy glow.

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask


Foaming Micellar Cleanser


It exfoliates like a pro

Exfoliating is a darker skin tone's best friend. The process helps to fade dark marks and smooth out your complexion, resulting in the ultimate glow. The Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask works to detoxify the skin from all the nasty pollutants that come in contact with it, keeping it fresh and healthy. It also gives your skin a complete detox, helping to tighten your pores and give you a smoother look overall – what more could you ask for!

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