Maximise Your Beauty Sleep!

Maximise Your Beauty Sleep!

Ok, so we may not all have the luxury of an 8-hour snooze, but that doesn't mean we can't take advantage of the time we do have.

Now taking into account that we're all perfectly different - if you're dead-set against an evening skincare routine, boy-oh-boy do we have something to change your mind.

If you're a skosh older (if you had a MySpace account) you may be more inclined to nourish that beautiful face in the p.m to help prevent those pesky lines that keep appearing. 

In any case, here at Alya Skin we have taken all of your skin's woes into account and developed a pillow-proof miracle mask to do all the heavy lifting while you sleep.

You read that right, while. you. sleep.

The brand new Sleep Mask is totally vegan and made with Aussie botanic extracts, marine-derived collagen and red algae to help strengthen the skin's moisture barrier, fight the signs of ageing and brighten dull skin.

All you need is an even layer on clean, dry skin before bed - wait a hot sec for it to absorb before face-planting your pillow - et voilà, expect plump, glowing skin when you wake up!

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