What is a liquid toning exfoliant? And why should I buy one?

What is a liquid toning exfoliant? And why should I buy one?

If you’re a complete newbie at skincare or you’re just a seasoned skincare lover (who refuses to try anything out of their set-in-stone skincare routine), our new product may be a little intimidating at first - but we promise it’s exactly what you need for a natural glow!

Our NEW Pore Perfecting Elixir is a holy grail product for oily and acne prone skin. It’s a liquid toning exfoliant; simply a fancy way to say it’s a treatment that contains specific acids to stimulate cell turnover. It works by dissolving dead skin tissue – which is what's stopping your skin from looking it’s absolute best! It’s also proven that chemical exfoliants are SO MUCH GENTLER than physical exfoliants!

Okay.. but how does it do that?

Well, it all comes down to our key ingredient salicylic acid! It is the most popular form of BHA (beta-hydroxy acid), which is well-known to gently shed built-up layers of skin, and in turn, bring you a bright new layer of skin!

But wait! There’s more! The combination of salicylic acid, AHA, niacinamide, and Aussie botanicals, works twice as hard to reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, preventing congestion, and increasing collagen production – keeping the skin visibly more plump and hydrated.

So let's break this down for you
If you’re looking for a miracle product that will:

- Decrease the appearance of large pores
- Refine surface wrinkles and prevent premature ageing
- Unclogs and decongest pores to prevent acne and breakouts
- Removes dead skin cells
- Improve overall skin texture and complexion
- Balances excess oil production
- Reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and redness

Then our Pore Perfecting Elixir is a must for your collection! It’s honestly pore-fect!... Sorry we had to!

*Please note: As the formula contains acids, please start using the product slowly. Apply every other day. Avoid using physical exfoliants on the same day. Note the skin’s response.
A tingly sensation may occur when you first apply, this is due to the exfoliating properties of salicylic acid.  
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