If you’re suffering acne / bad skin… you need to read this.

By Liana

Have you ever woken up - looked in the mirror… and felt WAAAY too self-conscious to even step foot out of the house due to the health of your skin? 

“Where the hell did this pimple come from?! My skin was clear before I went to bed!”

Well… just know you’re not alone. 

Picture this...

Waking up for work every day (at the age of 25 years old..) and STILL suffering from dry skin, acne, and overall unhealthy skin… Imagine not feeling confident enough to go out with your friends on a Friday night to the local bar for a drink - being too ashamed to be seen in a social setting due to previous memories of bullying, especially during high school…

Now I want you to picture this…

Imagine having tried EVERYTHING under the sun to fix your skin. Expensive light therapy… beauty facials… heck, I even spent $600 receiving professional dermatologist treatment that a friend recommended to me - and of course... It worked for her, but not me. New? I think not.


If anything... My skin clears up for a week or so and then BAM - it’s back to normal. The (what seems) true health of my skin erupts and I’m back to square one - with a face full of acne and pimples. I really cannot take much of this anymore. 

Here’s how my skin looked 4 months ago.

Need I say more… I think not. Aghhhhh.. Seriously I remember this moment like it was yesterday - the frustration and anxiety I had was overwhelming - I needed to find something that works!

I don’t usually fall for ‘trends’ I see on Instagram….Especially when it comes to skincare.

You could say I’m not a very ‘trusting’ person when it comes to the skincare I use. I’m sure you understand why by now… with what I’ve been through, I feel like I literally need to ‘study’ every ingredient and know the ins and outs of a product, back to front, before I buy.

But it got to the stage where I was desperate - I no longer wanted to feel the way I was feeling - I wanted to be seen in a social setting and be proud of my appearance. This had to end. And no way in hell was I going to take Roaccutane.  I didn’t want my hormones going bezerk just like my skin - that was the last thing I needed...

It’s as if God heard my prayers because I made the ultimate discovery..

As I was scrolling through my Instagram (waiting in the foyer of my local dermatologist, funnily enough), I noticed an ad pop up on my Instagram feed from a company known as ALYA SKIN. 

I’d seen and read up on the effects of ‘Pink Clay’ before - so this particular product wasn’t new to me by any means what so ever - in fact, I thought this product would just trend and decline like most of the other beauty products sold through Instagram. But this brand was stubborn… lol. I kept seeing their ads DAILY.

I did more research…

Over 2,000 reviews on trust pilot? Sheesh, I thought… this brand MUST be the real deal.

After I’d done a few hours of research, not only into Alya Skin but Pink Clay and its benefits in general… I decided to make my first purchase. 

After seeing their ads literally 50 times… I gave in. I mean I had to.. What other options did I have?


Holy c**p… it actually worked. I noticed a difference within the first week!

I honestly could not believe it. Where was this good karma coming from? 

I started with the face mask, thinking that was easy enough - I won’t lie... I was nervous at the start. What if it made my skin worse? All these thoughts ran through my mind but the outcome was crazy - I couldn’t believe how SOFT my skin felt. 

It took a week to see good results… but that’s normal. A face mask is meant to suck out all the toxins and nasties from your skin - a day after I used the mask... I won’t lie, my skin did look a little red and I did notice a couple of whiteheads, especially around oily areas of my face... But after reaching out to their friendly staff I was informed that “THIS IS A GOOD THING! THE POLLUTANTS ARE BEING REMOVED FROM YOUR SKIN CELLS!”.


GOODBYE ACNE! I am on top of the world! I feel like my life has just fallen into place since being introduced to this brand. My skin health has improved ENORMOUSLY - not to mention my confidence… I still have a bit of acne scarring which will take a while to get rid of but everything else seems to have cleared up heaps, I am SO THANKFUL TO ALYA!

IF ANYONE IS SUFFERING FROM A SIMILAR SKIN HEALTH SITUATION.. Please, I beg you, don’t let ALYA SKIN slip your mind. It’s worked wonders for not only me… but again after doing research, it’s helped thousands of other women overcome the same battle that I faced on a daily basis - and that is.. To feel comfortable in your own skin.   


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