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1. Extract pollutants &
sooth inflammation

Extract pollutants and nasties from your skin and keep it looking (and feeling!) fresh and clean using the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask. Applying the mask to the T-zone section of your face will help reduce skin inflammation, helps to remove pigmentation clusters as well as stimulate regenration of skin cells.

2. Cleanse your way to clear skin

Remove the day and clear your skin of dirt and makeup.

The Alya skin Foaming Miceller Cleanser is filled with micelles to aid the extraction of impurities so you can rid of unwanted toxins that hide in the skin pores. Watermelon seed oil leaves your skin feeling hydrated and speeds up the healing of pimples.

It's easy as that

Foaming Micellar Cleanser


3. Boost your skin health

Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, the Alya Skin Pomengrante Facial Exfoliator will boost your skins health and continue to aid inflammation of sore and damaged skin.

4. Rehydrate, restructure & repair

Try the Alya Australian Native berries Moisturiser to rehyderate, restructure and repair your skin with Australian native berries.

Deeply moisturising with added macadamia oil and shea butter without leaving your skin feeling oily.

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skincare Bundle

Complete Skincare Bundle

Complete Skincare Bundle

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Real People,
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"Alya skin has changed my skin tremendously, I am more confident and happier with my skin. In just 1 month I saw a big difference and within 2 months my acne had vanished from my forehead and almost gone on my cheek.

I use the Alya Skin scrub and mask 3 times a week and I use the moisturiser twice a day. The pink clay mask has a wonderful smell to it, shrinks pores and leaves my skin soft and glowing. The scrub is not striping or rough and cleans my pores well. The moisturiser smells like roses and absorbs into my skin fast. I am yet to try the micellar cleanser but am lookiNG forward to trying it.

I have gotten some of my friends to use the clay mask as well as my sister and they all love it. This skincare line is great for all skin types, especially for teens who struggle with acne like myself."

- Lara gerrard


"I’ve suffered with severe acne since 2017, though out my journey I have tried many skin care ranges, spending quite a bit of money on products that claim they can clear acne and breakouts.

I’ve also been through many rounds of prescribed medication which have not improved my skin at all and the condition of my skin continued to get worse. Suffering with acne has made my confidence levels go down and I couldn’t even leave the house without makeup on. Until one day in 2019 I was scrolling through social media and I came across the Alya Skin range, so I hopped onto the website and read many reviews and stories of other women using the bundles. So of course I had to try it out! p>

Alya Skin is a miracle, although it has taken time for my skin to settle I can see a clear difference in my skin when I use Alya Skin as my breakouts are less harsh and occur less. Not only has it reduced the amount of pimples I get, it also helps reduce the visibilities of my acne scars.

My confidence levels have risen since using the products and I barely have to wear makeup. For girls wanting to try Alya Skin, I would 100% recommend it, not only does it improve the condition of your skin, it is also one of the most affordable skincare range! I’ve gone through two bundles and bought more from Priceline thats how much I love Alya Skin. Using Alya Skin has been the best choice and I will continue to use the whole bundle forever!

Ps. Please come out with an eye cream or serum!! "

- Isabella Aing

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